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Convenient Services

Money orders, direct deposit and other convenient services

Debit MasterCard®

Skowhegan Savings Debit MasterCard® can be used just like a check anywhere that MasterCard® is accepted. A debit card can be used to pay for purchases, meals, gas, and more. A Debit MasterCard® deducts the amount of any purchase directly from your checking account and can also be used to get cash from an ATM. Debit MasterCard® are available to checking account customers at no charge.

At Skowhegan Savings, our job is to protect your account. If a suspicious transaction is detected, you will automatically be contacted promptly via email, text and phone allowing you the option to easily confirm or deny potential fraud. If you aren’t available, your card will be assigned a ‘watch’ status until we hear from you. We will never ask for your PIN or account number.

For added security, you may also enroll in our new anti-fraud alert service called Guardian to receive text messages informing you of debit card activity. If the transaction is genuine, no action is needed. However, if the transaction is potential fraud you can simply reply to the text message reporting the fraud and your card will be blocked from further transactions.

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Club Account

Club accounts are an easy, systematic way to save for the holidays and other yearly expenses by making weekly deposits.

Safe Deposit Box

A safe deposit box is a great place to store valuables at a low annual cost. With a safe deposit box, you will have peace of mind knowing that only you have access to your belongings. Safe deposit boxes are available in several different sizes at most of our locations.

Other Services

  • Money Order
  • Direct Deposit
  • Treasurer's Checks
  • Night Deposit Drop Box
  • Notary Public
  • Wire Transfer
  • Foreign Currency Exchange