Our Story

Our legacy, your future

Our Bank was founded a century and a half ago by a group of hard working Mainers with an ambitious vision for the future and a genuine interest in seeing the region prosper. As the mighty waters of the Kennebec River and sturdy White Pine forests beckoned with the promise of economic opportunity, these men and women realized that through hard work, frugality, and sturdiness of character, prosperity would be achieved.

Times were hard in those early days. It wasn’t uncommon for people to work from sun up to sun down, six to seven days a week. The Bank gave the people of the Kennebec Valley a safe place to keep their hard earned money and secure credit. It also encouraged them to save for the future and pursue bigger dreams.

Abner Coburn, a founding father of Skowhegan Savings and Maine's 30th Governor, was one of the Kennebec Valley’s early success stories. Coburn was a struggling farmer and logger who earned extra money teaching school in the winter. From these meager beginnings, he and his brother Philander went on to establish A. and P. Coburn, one of the most prosperous lumber and land operations in New England. Through determination and progressive thinking, Coburn and those that followed in his footsteps established a legacy that defines our Bank and the regions it serves.

 Though things have changed a bit since the days when lumbermen ran logs down the river, Skowhegan Savings still stands for service, integrity and commitment to community – the same values that helped pioneers like Abner Coburn attain success and the same values that continue to create opportunity for the Kennebec Valley and its people. Like the Kennebec River, Skowhegan Savings has stayed true to its course.

Skowhegan Savings has helped many generations of Maine families achieve their dreams and our dedication to building strong communities remains steadfast.