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We approach commercial lending by focusing on the needs of the customer first – and offering products, services, and solutions that meet them. We see each customer as an individual; there are no cookie cutter approaches. All loan decisions are made locally, so you always know with whom you are dealing.

Committed To Local

We have been serving businesses for over 150 years and are committed to making our communities we serve a better place to live and work.

For The Makers

We've always been a little less about flash and more about rolling up our sleeves and getting to work on helping your business achieve its dreams. 

We're Business Owners Too

Over half of our team either currently owns or has owned their own business. We understand the challenges, struggles, and some of the excitement that comes with owning a business.

Commercial & Industrial Loans (C & I)

Every business owner is presented with unique challenges and goals. We’re here to help you with both. Our term loans give customers funds to expand facilities or purchase equipment and machinery. Our team of experts will help you get the financing your business needs.

Lines of Credit

Our business line of credit is a versatile tool, giving you pre-approved access to funds when you need them for operating expenses, inventory purchases, or accounts receivable. Contact one of our local lenders to learn more.


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Commercial Real Estate Loans

Our commercial real estate loans can be used for the purchase, renovation, expansion, development, or simply the refinancing of your commercial use properties.

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Agency Loan Partnerships

We partner with agencies such as Finance Authority of Maine (FAME), Small Business Administration (SBA), and USDA Rural Development to expand our ability to meet various needs.

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“When we decided to buy our building downtown, Skowhegan Savings said – ‘we can make this happen for you’. I don’t think that I would be here today without the support of our community.”

– Veronica Wright, Owner of Alice & Company



“Skowhegan Savings was instrumental in helping my sister and I when we took over the business as the next generation in the family.”

– Chad Partridge, co-owner of Al’s Pizza



“We’re a seasonal business, Skowhegan Savings really helps us manage our cash during the winter months.”

- John Lynch, owner of Lynch’s Landscaping

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Get the most out of your business financing

Business Checking
 Our checking accounts are designed to make it easy to manage your business finances.
Business Savings
A great way to start you on your way to bigger investments while providing easy, convenient access.
Digital Banking
Our online and mobile banking make managing your finances easy, intuitive and simple.
Business Services
Need merchant services or payroll services? We can help you with that!
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Business Financing options to help your business grow

Commercial & Industrial Loans (C & I)

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Equipment Loans: Term loans for the purchase or refinancing of equipment, usually for terms of 5 to 7 years, depending on the economic life of the equipment.
Time Notes: A commercial time note can be used to obtain funds needed to supplement normal business operations, such as: 

  • Pay short term operating expenses
  • Purchase materials or seasonal inventory
  • Pay overhead costs associated with a new contract
  • Pay annual taxes, insurance premiums, or other expenses

We will work with you to structure a 1-month to 24-month loan with repayment terms structured to match your source of funds.


Municipal Services:  Let Skowhegan Savings customize a package for your municipality. Our rates and fees are competitive and our services are unbeatable. Our experienced team will work with you throughout the entire process including setup, onsite training and support.


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Business Lines of Credit

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Equipment Revolvers:  This is a line of credit used to purchase or refinance equipment, with a pre-set repayment term and commitment. This type of credit works well in situations where equipment is regularly bought and sold as part of operations, such as a fleet of delivery vehicles where several are traded in every year.
Commercial Real Estate Loans

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Commercial Real Estate Loans: Can serve various purposes, including acquiring, revitalizing, expanding, developing, or even refinancing your properties designated for commercial use.
Commercial Construction Loans:  When you are ready to build a new facility, put on a major addition, or make renovations, we are here to help. Funds are disbursed as work is completed and materials arrive on site. Typically, interest only is charged for up to one year during the construction period and the loans are for 15 to 20 years thereafter.

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