Girl backpacking looking at tablet and text saying, "Bank Skowhegan"

Online Services

Access your accounts anytime, securely and reliably

Managing your business and personal financial well-being does not happen strictly between normal banking hours, and it certainly doesn't take weekends off. Bank at home or on the road - any time, any place with our  online services. It's as simple as the click of a mouse.

Our secure online banking services can be accessed at anytime, safely and reliably. We keep up with the ever-changing advances in technology to make it easier for you to access information on our services and your online bank accounts from the comfort of your own home or office.

With our online services, you have the security of knowing you are dealing with a local financial institution committed to providing you with the best Internet banking services available.


Online Banking


Bank at home or on the road - any time, any place with online banking. It's as simple as the click of a mouse with our secure, online banking service.

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Mobile Banking

Account information at your fingertips
Are you on the go more than you thought? Do you need an easier way to stay on top of your account balance and transactions? Bring your account information to your finger tips conveniently and securely from any mobile device, any time of day from anywhere you are.

Bill Pay

A more convenient way to stay on top of your bills

Start paying your bills in minutes, without the hassles of writing checks or logging into multiple biller sites. Simply tell us who you want to pay, enter the payment amount, payment date, and submit -- that's it you're done. You determine when payments are made and how much to pay, while maintaining the ability to update or even cancel your payment anytime before it processes.

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Electronic Documents

Manage your bank statements quickly and easily

Discover how electronic documents can help you manage your statements quickly and easily. It’s eco-friendly, safe, secure and more convenient than receiving them by mail.

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