Girl backpacking looking at tablet and text saying, "Bank Skowhegan"

Bill Pay

A more convenient way to stay on top of your bills

Start paying your bills in minutes, without the hassles of writing checks or logging into multiple biller sites. Simply tell us who you want to pay, enter the payment amount, payment date, and submit -- that's it you're done. You determine when payments are made and how much to pay, while maintaining the ability to update or even cancel your payment anytime before it processes.


  • Manage, pay and receive bills at one secure site
  • Pay your bills in just minutes
  • Pay individuals and businesses of all sizes


  • You determine when payments are made and how much to pay
  • Most payments can be paid next day
  • Payments can be scheduled in advance
  • Plus you can easily change the due date, payment amount or even cancel a payment any time before the payment processes

Start paying bills today. Sign on to Skowhegan Savings online banking and select the bill pay tab to get started.


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