Where We're From

Here in Maine, we stick together. We help our friends, our families and our neighbors. We value hard work, straight talk and no-nonsense relationships.

Introducing our “Where We’re From” video series spotlighting the people and businesses that give our Maine communities vitality and character.

It’s where we’re from.


Franklin County

"Where We're From": Larry Koob, Oquossic Marine

To thrive, the Rangeley Region knows it’s important to give back.

Come boating or snowmobiling, Oquossoc Marine's got your back. Working with those who give back makes this community what it is. Whatever you need, consider it done. It’s Where We’re From.

"Where We're From": Bob Luce, Carrabassett Coffee

Bob Luce knows everything you’d ever want to know about coffee.

Every bean, roast, and brew from Carrabassett Coffee Company supports his hometown of Kingfield, Maine. It’s Where We’re From.

"Where We're From": Rangeley Lakes Snowmobile Club

Do you remember the magic of your first snowmobile ride?

The energy on the trails during winter is how the Rangeley Lakes Snowmobile Club pulls the community together to thrive. Rangeley, Maine – it’s Where We’re From.