Online Business Banking

Remote deposit, direct deposit payroll, transfer wires and add multiple users

With all the convenience of our online business banking features, businesses may enroll in additional online account services. Take advantage of adding multiple account users, make deposits right from your desk with remote deposit, direct deposit payroll and make wire transfers.

Remote Deposit

Deposit checks from your office
Remote Deposit is a simple and secure way for you to deposit checks at your convenience from your office. Skowhegan Savings provides you with a scanner and support that turns your PC and Internet connection into a virtual teller window - eliminating the need for time consuming trips to the Bank.
Flexible & Convenient
  • Deposit checks when you want, from the comfort of your office
  • Receive fast access to your money - no different than depositing with a teller that day.
  • Easy to setup and easy to use.  We can have you up and running quickly.
  • Save on time and gasoline costs by making fewer trips to the Bank.
  • Gain more time at the end of the day to organize and get your deposits in.
Safe & Secure
  • All information is encrypted
  • Multifactor Authentication is required to gain access to the system
  • Automatic duplicate item verification prevents errors
  • Safeguards in place to minimize multiple and unbalanced file transmissions 

Direct Deposit Payroll

Electronically transmit payroll

ACH Processing allows you to electronically transmit your employee’s payroll funds via direct deposit, pay business invoices or to electronically collect fees and payments due to your business. No more paper checks and delayed availability of funds. Application and approval of this service is required.

Transfer Wires

Secure method of transferring funds

Outgoing Bank Wire services provide a secure method of requesting that funds from a Skowhegan Savings account be wired to an account with another bank. Application and approval of this service is required.

Positive Pay

A safer way to control your business finances

Positive Pay is an early detection fraud prevention tool that allows you to monitor transaction items posted to your Skowhegan Savings business accounts and determine if they align with your legitimately issued items. Any items that do not match your records can then be approved as an exception or denied as fraudulent by your team prior to the payment clearing.

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Add Multiple Users

Customized permissions for multiple users

Multiple Users offers the ability to establish several user IDs, each with their own customized permissions. Simplify and protect your account management with full control of the accounts and transactions accessible by each user.

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